Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Challenge!!

Ok, is my first "real" post.  This is a card I made for the Peachy Keen Tuesday Challenge.  I used my Straight From the Nest and Doodle Charm Cricut cartridges.  Our family has so many birthdays coming up in the next couple of months so I'm excited to find a special person to send this to. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jumping on the Bandwagon!

Well, I decided to finally jump on the bandwagon and start a blog.  Jumping on any kind of "bandwagon" doesn't really appeal to me.  I'd rather not follow the crowd just for the sake of it and  writing is not really my thing. I like to keep my thoughts to myself unless I'm sharing them with family or close friends.  I'm the girl who likes to play it safe!! So, why did I decide to start this crazy obsession (which I've been told that it can quickly become)?  
Actually, I've been thinking about starting one for quite a while but just haven't really had the time to sit down and get one set up (not to mention I'm a little intimidated by the whole thing).  I've also been following some really creative ladies on other blogs and love what they have to share.  Many of them do blog hops, and what fun would it be if I didn't have a blog of my own?  Oh yeah, AND I actually won something from following a blog and leaving a comment. I was so excited about it that I decided now is the time to take the plunge.  
So whether or not anyone is interested in what I have to share, here I go.  Hopefully someone will like what they see and if not, oh well.  I'll mostly be sharing things that I've made myself or that someone else has made and I absolutely love.  I really like gardening and baking so those things may slip in every once in a while too.  Well, I guess I better get started.  Hope you enjoy!!!